Western Blot (WB) is the most common and classic experimental method for detecting protein expression in biological science. However, due to differences in reagent sources, operating methods, and experience used by different laboratory technicians, a large number of WB experimental results do not meet the paper publication requirement. Elabscience has focused on the field of immunology for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience in the operation of WB. To help researchers solve the above problems, the Western Blot kit is now available.

The reagents in this kit are provided for classic WB experiments, including all necessary reagents from protein extraction to result in detection, which has the advantages of simple operation, high detection sensitivity, low background, and strong stability of the system. And Elabscience provides a detailed description of the operation and professional technical support. Plus, it offers you the convenience and assurance of getting the ideal Western Blot experiment results.

As PVDF membranes have two pore sizes for different molecular weights of target proteins, respectively. To meet different experimental requirements, we have designed two specifications for Western Blot kits.

E-IR-R304A (PVDF membrane, 0.45 μm) is recommended for the detection of proteins with molecular weights greater than 20 kDa.

E-IR-R304B (PVDF membrane, 0.22 μm) is recommended for the detection of proteins with molecular weights less than 20 kDa.

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